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Getting Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis and the Telltale Smell

Bacterial Vaginosis brings about a fishy smell, a milky white discharge, itching and sometimes pain bv miracle . All this is caused by a yeast overgrowth but can be eliminated quickly.

┬áThere are a few factors that contribute to a weakened immune system and encourage an environment for Bacterial Vaginosis. The bacteria itself are apart of our normal lives however certain health issues combined by remedies we shouldn’t use support a developing infection. The worst part about Bacterial Vaginosis is the smell. It’s embarrassing and aggravating to know you have a fishy odor

emanating from your vagina and you don’t know why or how to get rid of it.

Getting rid of Bacterial Vaginosis and its telltale smell is not difficult. But keep

in mind don’t focus on the symptoms, focus on eliminating the problem – the

Bacterial Vaginosis is the problem. A few home remedies and diet changes

will help to bring your system back to normal.

To begin your course of treatment you should

take a day that you can relax at home. And you must know that sex is a

precursor to Bacterial Vaginosis and the fishy smell. The man’s semen

increases the smell and can play a role in re-infection. So either wear a

condom or don’t have sex while eliminating your BV.

To quickly rid yourself of Bacterial Vaginosis and

the Smell that accompanies the infection you should prepare a douche to

disinfect your vagina. Mix a quart of water with a few drops of tea tree oil and

use two to three times a day.

You should also try and douche with some

unflavored live yogurt; it’s going to be messy but well worth it. The yogurt will

coat the inside of the vagina and vulva and deliver lactobacillus to begin the


To fully regain your good health and make sure

your Bacterial Vaginosis and the smell do not return you’ll want change a few


Stay away from antibiotics, especially when you

can replace them with a home remedy that is more effective.

Treat any vitamin and mineral deficiencies that

may contribute to a weakened immune system.